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PRIVACY: Your privacy is extremely important to us.  As a result, our privacy policy is important to us.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY: We have a no tolerance spam policy because we hate spam too.  Please read our full anti spam policy.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The information at the following link describes the Terms of Service Conditions of Use for our IHAVETREASURES.COM website.  Please read it carefully.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The Copyright Notice for our IHAVETREASURES.COM website is found at the following link.

DISCLAIMER: Of course, we have a disclaimer.  It is found at the link.

DMCA COMPLIANCE: We are committed to responding to any alleged copyright violations, should they occur.  The DMCA compliance provides the policy we follow to address any issues.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION COMPLIANCE: We do recommend services and products that we feel are good value.  It is important that you realize we are compensated when you purchase through our links.  The federal trade commission compliance is our policy regarding your notice of these relationships.


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