Memorial Day – A Day of Appreciation

American Flag for AppreciationThere were so many stories on this Memorial Day of appreciation.

My friend Mary told me about her father who had do lie about his age to serve his country.  She lost him when she was a young age of 11.  Now many year, later she has finally realized that he has always with her.    She expressed appreciation towards her mentor for helping her with this realization.

I heard the story of the father who lost his son in the Vietnam War.  At that time, he placed an American flag in the cemetery to honor his son.  Every day he visits and takes care of the flag.

That American flag and our American flag flies not only for his son but also for every son and daughter that serves or has served.

So many heroes have fought and are fighting now for America’s freedom.  Yes, today is an amazing day of day of appreciation for all of those heroes.   Thank-you all.

The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children. –

William Havard

A Day of Appreciation - Thank-youThis Says it All  – Thank-you