Week 22 – Cleaning Up Your Kitchen and The Center of Your Head

Cleaning UP Your Kitchen

Have you ever decided that you wanted to make a good dinner for yourself and as you went into the kitchen, it was a mess? Maybe you forgot to clean it up… or maybe someone else messed it up. Whatever the cause it certainly delays on maybe even destroys your motivation to cook. Given your enthusiasm for the project, you probably cleaned the counters overall making the space ready for your project.

 The Center of Your Head

The same is true for the internal you. I learned about the “Center of Your Head” from my friends and mentors Jim Self and Roxane Burnett.

The Center of Your Head is the world within we are learning in the Master Key System by Charles Haanel.  It is a different way to experience it.

 “When you attempt to make attempt to make decisions, solve problems of design something delicious while sitting in a place that is cluttered and dusty or filled with other people’s opinions, you can get confused and lose your motivation or creativity. Before you can be and effective creator and a Master thinker, you must first clean the “Center of Your Head” and make it yours.” “Spirit Matters” by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

 They go on to explain how to find “the Center of Your Head”. You need to locate the exact center of your head. The explanation on how to do this is in the following excerpt from the book “Spirit Matters”.

 “When you first begin identifying the Center of your Head, you may need to use your fingers. Close your eyes and place the index finger of each hand above and slightly to the front of each ear. Draw an imaginary line between your fingertips.

 Now move one index finger to a point in the center of your forehead and the other directly behind your head. Draw another imaginary line.

 Notice where the two lines intersect. This is the exact location of the “Center of Your Head”.

 During your sit go to the Center of your Head” and try it out. Go there and clean it before you meditate. Imagine a mini trap door to sweep all unwanted thoughts and people out of your special space. This is your power center.

A Place of Power

“As you practice sitting in the Center of your Head you will experience a stillness and ebbing away of stress and noise. Balance returns to your mind, body, and emotions.  This is a place of power, for when you are still and balanced, with your attention, focused and uncluttered, decisions are sharper, creations are fuller and solutions are clearer. Making business and life decisions while sitting comfortably in the Center of Your Head will be stress-free and accurate.” Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

I find this technique extremely helpful. I work to live from my power center the Center of My Head. Sometimes life happens to me and I get off kilter. As I review the experience, it is always because I moved away from the Center of My Head.

It is all good.  I know that I cannot do it wrong as long as I keep working at it.

You can learn more about Jim Self and this teaching at Mastering Alchemy.

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3 thoughts on “Week 22 – Cleaning Up Your Kitchen and The Center of Your Head

  1. That is a very similar technique to one used in yoga focussing on the “third eye”. I must remember that as I often find myself distracted (generally by music in my head) when sitting and thinking. Thanks for sharing.