Week 19 Finding Joe

This week I watched the movie “Finding Joe”.

It is a story about Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey.  The one story in all stories. In its simplest form, the hero’s journey is where you take a journey, find yourself, come back better, and share it.

The movie points out that we are these stories.  This is our call to action to a transformation process. The challenge for us to listen to the call, separate from the normal, experience an initiation, and then return.

This challenge for us is in all stories.  Since this message comes to us in stories, the message is rich and entertains us.

If we do not listen to the call then we have no transformation.

We optimize our potential only if we have the courage to listen to the call.  Are you a tiger hanging out with sheep?

“The hero’s journey for me is to having the courage to look inside yourself and ask…. What am I here to do?

What am I most passionate about in my life?

What are my greatest gifts?

How do I give them to the world?”

Brian Johnson

 The definition of bliss is complete happiness.  The definition of excitement is a feeling of eager enthusiasm and interest.  An excited state.  A state of higher energy than ground state.

What do you need to overcome to follow your bliss and excitement?

Well you will need to watch the movie to find out.

The choice is yours.  The choice is always yours.

Go find your story.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.” Mark Twain

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5 thoughts on “Week 19 Finding Joe

  1. Really looking forward to watch this movie… It’s not possible to get it digitally here in Norway, nor in any stores or rentals, so I’ve had to order the dvd…

    Love the last quote on the picture, it’s so true and a real eye-opener…

    Great post!