Week 16 Spreading Kindness

One of our assignments this week is to focus on kindness everyday. We are doing two nice things everyday without getting caught.  We are learning that what you focus on expands.

I should say we are experiencing first hand… how what you focus on expands.

It is an amazing experience.

This week, I wanted to share three different stories of kindness that have changed lives.

Lone Ranger Angel

Thomas Weller has been helping people his whole life. It all started when he was stuck in a snowstorm and someone saved his life. He has been giving it forward ever since.

In his own words,

I’ve been called the Lone Ranger,and I’ve been called an angel more times than I can count,

but, I’m no angel!

When you help somebody else, you help yourself. And, it’s … real gratifying.

Listen to his story.

Thomas Wheller

Source: NPR Storycorps


The Birthday Project

Robyn Bomer decided to give back on her 38th birthday.

The Birthday Project’s goal is to create a shift in the way people think about and celebrate their birthdays and other milestones. Rather than making the day all about themselves, participants spend the day serving others. The idea came when Bomar spent her 38th birthday doing 38 random acts of kindness—one for every year of her life. The seemingly miniscule acts ranged from feeding parking meters, to handing out balloons to kids shopping with their parents, to rounding up carts in a store parking lot.

She completed a random act of kindness for every year of her life!!!  She started a movement. Many now have followed her example… like Nicole MacPherson on her 25th

 Home Cooked Turn Around

Yelitza Castro cooks dinner for homeless on Saturday night. This all started as an idea from her daughter. She make her guests feel welcome and at home. Her kindness has completely turned around lives.

Listen to her story.

Yelitza Castro

Source: NPR Storycorps



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10 thoughts on “Week 16 Spreading Kindness

  1. CrolynAnn, this blog is so wonderful! I really appreciate your sharing them with us. It is so amazing how so many people do acts of kindness from their hearts without being prompted by MKMMA…love it! I love the birthday story most.