Carolyn Ann


Hello. My name is Carolyn Ann.  Welcome to I have Treasures!

I’m inviting you to appreciate life and laugh.  I have created this website to share with you my favorite videos that make me smile and laugh.  My goal is to bring you content that either touches your heart or touches your funny bone.   I would love to bring you something you think is hilarious… something that makes you laugh uncontrollably.  That would be fun.

I believe that if we all spread just a little more joy everyday… it might spread.  Please feel free to through my website and provide your comments.  Share your favorites too so this grows.  You never know we might just light up the hearts of the world.

Every day is a celebration to live, laugh, and love.  Come visit and give yourself a break.  You deserve a bit of time to appreciate life and celebrate with hilarious humor.

If you have any questions, please contact me with the information on the contact page.

Thanks for visiting!